Compude: Your computer on your keychain.

Compude: Your computer on your keychain.
Compude is a device that fits on your keychain and allows you to have your personal or office PC anywhere you go. By plugging your Compude device into ANY smart phone, tablet or computer, it becomes the PC you have at home or the office. It is “your computer” through any device, anytime, anywhere making whatever device it is plugged into look and operate like your computer. All information is stored securely in the cloud for a low monthly fee. For apple products, it will be an application that is downloaded from the App Store and an adapter for plugging in to MicroUSB or the 30 pin plug. From what I can tell, the difference between this device and standard cloud computing is that the security is higher with this company. All other features appear to be the same as using Dropbox. I’m sure it’s better than that!

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