Anita Hamilton – @VirtualOT

In my role as an educator and as a leader I challenge and support others to critically reflect and continually learn and grow, to become the best version of themselves.

I achieve this by:

  • participating in research to continually extend my knowledge
  • continually self-reflecting so that I am self-aware and self-critical
  • listening to my students and colleagues and respecting their experiences and choices
  • designing creative curriculum that connects theory and practice
  • being organised and prepared so I can be flexible in the moment
  • learning with and from my students and colleagues
  • going the extra mile for my students, my colleagues and my employer

My Twitter handle summarises me this way: Higher Ed. Dig Lit. KT. OT. ePortfolios. Grad Employability. Mentoring. Healthy Workplaces. Lego Serious Play. Networker. GFC fan. That sums me up.

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