Too busy for words, but loving it!

At the moment I have lots on my plate in my work, family and study roles.  I have finished teaching at the UofA and I am now working with my seven OCCTH 900 students who are busily working on one of the following three options: writing scoping reviews, writing critical literature reviews, or writing up their research project!  They are busy and all of them seem to be enjoying even though they are also doing their second last fieldwork placement ever!

In my home life we are busy getting our house ready for sale, in preparation to move back to Australia in July, and doing our best to be supportive of both our kids as they make their own transitions.  Our elder child will finish school and move out of home, our younger child will move country with us again.  Moving country is a lot of work.  Selling a house is hard enough work, but relocating everything, selling all our electricals, our cars, our excess stuff etc will be tedious but necessary.  There is no point keeping it all as it can’t be used in Australia.  Planning for arrival entails organizing banking, accommodation, a car, and lots of hidden things that we haven’t even thought of yet.  At least we are Australian citizens, so there will be less red tape than there was when we moved to Canada.

In my PhD life I am in the final phase of data collection, this time I am using a Delphi study approach.  It has been such a great learning experience!  This week I will send out the penultimate questionnaire.  In addition to PhD I am working on several chapters for OT texts, which is of course hard work but really fun when it gets rolling along.

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