Sensory Processing Disorder: Education available online

Dr. Lincoln Bauer emailed to let me know that she is making professional development easier for OTs by putting a course about sensory processing disorder online. Visit this link to view the website.

Here’s what Lincoln wrote in her email to me:

For families with Sensory Challenged children who live too far from the right occupational therapy centers, and occupational therapists who would enjoy participating in workshops such as these, this is ground-breaking, as they can now have the benefits of working with Dr. Jean Ayres and the staff of the SPD Foundation without actually having to come to the center.

I applaud your vision and professionalism Lincoln. Your website is very clean and easy to navigate. This is the way of the future! You have translated your knowledge for others and used online technology to share this knowledge. This is the future for ongoing professional development.

4 thoughts on “Sensory Processing Disorder: Education available online

  1. Anonymous

    Wow. It has been a long time since I've seen a photo of Dr. Miller. ! This looks to be a rare and good opportunity, Anita. At the same time, I had to chuckle at Dr. Bauer's message saying “working with Dr. Jean Ayres”…uhm, the late Dr. Ayers? Thanks and I will RT. Barbara

  2. This is wonderful Anita! Just the thing for OTs like us Malaysians who lack the resources to get top-quality training (I depend a lot on the likes of you and the rest of the OT Super Cyber Babes as Iwama calls them) … And it's affordable too! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this link, I am currently an OT student at Utica College and find sensory processing to be extremely interesting. I plan to keep this link handy for future reference. from the one course available it appears that this will be an economical way to continue my education in this area. I plan to check back in the future to see if there are new course up. Amber Ellison, OTS

  4. Hi Amber, welcome to the World's best profession! I am really hoping that more online courses from reputable sources will become available to us all. The world wide web has opened up so many opportunities for us to share information and knowledge.All the best with your studies.cheers, Anita

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