Web 2.0 and computer technology in mainstream OT practice

I am delighted that this coming year 6 MScOT students have elected to undertake systematic reviews of the literature looking specifically at the use of technology in OT practice. We’re ironing out their specific topics right now.

Two students will look at mainstream computer technologies in OT practice and three will look at the therapeutic benefits of engaging in the online world and will specifically look at one population each (e.g.: people with cancer, people with ABI and carers) the final student is still thinking.

The projects are a “capping project” for the MScOT students and give them the opportunity to demonstrate a fundamental skill for practice and research… the ability to ask meaningful questions, seek up to date and relevant literature, critically appraise the literature and then synthesize this in a meaningful way to translate it for practice.

Reading the wonderful blog “Gosh That’s Neat” I came across another wonderful blog called WiiHab – Rehabilitative Therapy. I’ll have to get these students to take a look!

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