Enabled by Design

Tonight while finding more people to follow on Twitter I discovered Enabled by Design. Here’s what they say about themselves on their website! I’ll have to share this with my students! :-0

It’s all about people powered products: Enabled by Design is a community of people passionate about well designed everyday products. By sharing their loves, hates and ideas, Enabled by Designers challenge the one size fits all approach to assistive equipment through the use of clever modern design.

2 thoughts on “Enabled by Design

  1. Hi Anita!Hope you are well. Came across your post and couldn’t resist getting in contact. Thanks for helping to spread the word about Enabled by Design, it’s much appreciated!Enabled by Design is passionate about challenging the ‘one size fits all’ approach to assistive equipment. We want to do this by giving people a space to share their ideas, experiences and views on those everyday products that make their day to day tasks so much easier.Occupational Therapists definitely play an integral role in what we are working to achieve, so it would be great to see you on our site!Thanks again,Denise (from Enabled by Design)http://enabledbydesign.org/

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