New Year’s Resolutions

This year I will try to be more focussed on what I do and how I do it. I have the usual teaching load and a few projects to complete but I now seriously need to focus on commencing my PhD.

So, the backlog of projects that need to be completed are:

  1. Complete writing the chapter of the fieldwork book with Helen Larkin at Deakin University
  2. Commence and complete writing the chapter of the fieldwork book with Merrolee Penman from Otago Polytechnic
  3. Complete the wiki project at the University of Alberta with the PT group
  4. Commence and complete the wiki project at the University of Alberta with the OT group and with the SLP group
  5. Respond to ethics committee requests for the blogging project with EBIRS so that this project can get going by February 2009 (we’re presenting the findings at CAOT in June!) It was hopefully going to commence in January but hey… ethics is not through yet!
  6. Write the articles I was going to write for OT Now looking at the role of Web 2.0 in OT education and practice

So, my resolutions are to keep gradually moving ahead with each of these projects and NOT take any more on. I also want to be calm and organized in my teaching and marking load, and enjoy watching our students develop, grow, learn and then fly out into practice 🙂

This year I will commence my PhD and I will use Web 2.0 from beginning to end! I even thought about asking Commoncraft if I could use their approach in developing my proposal. You know the guys… “hmm hmmm hmm… XYZ in plain English”

So, this blog will be a place this year for keeping focussed by downloading my brain regularly!

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Thanks for your good wishes Anne Marie, I’ll need it!My topic is:Title: Using Web 2.0 in occupational therapy education: exploring translation to practice. Aims: To identify how and why occupational therapy educators use Web2.0 technology in their teaching practice. To follow a group of students exposed to Web 2.0 in their education as they enter into practice to examine if they used these tools. If yes: What are the facilitators to using Web 2.0 tools in occupational therapy practice? If no: What are the barriers to utilising Web 2.0 tools in occupational therapy practice, even if you have the skills.Any thoughts?

  2. love your goals – think I need to write the same!Ah…. have an hons project brewing here about online OT… have said I know who would be interested in joining a focus group and love your posting about seeing an MD online – its exactly the sites the hons student needs to be seeing!!!

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