Occupational therapy groups on facebook

There is a rapidly growing number of OT groups on Facebook, that are both serious and social. Over the next few days I’m going to find them and list them here.

This is a snapshot of what’s happening in this corner of the Web 2.0 world for our profession.

I’ll list if it is an open or closed group, I’ll also highlight student groups too. The bottom list is those groups that I believe are unprofessional.

Professional Networking Groups

American Occupational Therapy Association: open group
Collaborating and sharing ideas with other occupational therapists: open group
Darwin OT: open to Australian networks
Bored Of Fluffy Occupational Therapy: open group
Facebook Occupational Therapy Association: open group
Health, Physical Educators, Exercise Science, PT, OT, and Nurses: open interdisciplinary student networking group
Hong Kong Occupational Therapy: closed group
I’m an occupational therapist/OT student and I have something to say!: open group
I’m tired of having to explain what occupational therapy is: open group
Is OT Worthwhile?: open group
I’ve worked at St Thomas’/Guys as an OT!!!: open group
Los Angeles OT Leadership Forum: open group
Occupational Therapists (OTs) for Refugees: open group
Occupational Therapists Having External Reproductive Systems: open group
Occupational Therapy at the University of Salford: open group
Occupational Therapy: What’s in it for you?: open group
OTs are hot: open group
OT AUSTRALIA National: open group
OT AUSTRALIA QLD: open group
OT from ACTT: open group
OT Hand Party – An Occupational Perspective: open group
OT Jobs Help: open group
OT Malaysia: closed group
OT meeting space: closed group
Princess Margaret Hospital OT: open group
St.Theresa’s hospital OT: closed group
The OT Principles: open group
Top 10 Reasons to Stay Up Late with an Occupational Therapist: open group
Union Hospital OT: open group
What YOU need to know about occupational therapy: open group
Yes, I am a Occupational Therapist and no we don’t wipe bums!!: open group

Student groups:
AUT OT ’08: open group
Christ Church OT class of 2008: open group
Cumbo students OT graduating 2011: open group
Curtin OT Students: open group
Curtin students ’09: open group
Dalhousie MSc(OT) 2010: closed group
Dalhousie BSc Alumni: open group
Deakin OT Alumni: closed group
Deakin OT graduates 2007: closed
Deakin OT Grads of ’09 open group
Derby OT Students – Class of 2008: open group
Derby Uni OT students-Class of 2009: open group
Downstate OT 2010: open group
ECU OT UE Rehab Club open group
Entering Physiotherapy or OT at McMaster University in Sep. 2008? open group
First year O.T ’08: open group
1st year Wits OT 2008: open group
Future Physical/Occupational Therapist: open group
GCU OT Society: open group
LLTC ‘B’ 2008 OT!: open group
LOOKING FOR A MAJOR? NOT SURE WHAT TO DO? O.T. is the way to go!!: open group
MCG OT 2010: closed group
McGill 2008-2012 PT-OT: closed group
McGill PT & OT 2007-2011: closed group
McMaster MSc. OT Grad Class of 2009: open group
Monash OT: open group
My OT professor wants me to do what?: open group
Occupational Performance HELP!!!: open group
Occupational Therapy-OT
OT at Stockton: open group
OT CSU class of 2008: closed group
OT Class of 97: open group
OT class of 2009: open group
OT Class of 2010: open group
OT Group: open to Australian networks
OT@ECU It Started With Us!: open to Australian networks
OT@TUKS: open group
OT at LaTrobe: open
OT Students: open group
OT students in Bethlehem university closed group
OT students 2nd Year 2008: open group
O.T sTuDeNts r SpEcIaL tOO!!!!! 🙂: open group
OT Vs PT 3 – The Last Stand: open group
OT Masters Class of 2009 open group
Philly OT Event: open group
PT/OT Frosh 2008: closed group
Poly U OT: open group
Queens University OT class of ’09: open group
Sargent College OT Alumni Group: closed group
Touro OT: closed group
UCT-OT: open group
Uni of Derby OT Student and proud to be: open group
UQ graduates of 2008: open group
UEA Occupational Therapy: open group
University of Utah OT class of 2010 open group
UWO OT class of 2005: open group

Other groups related to or created by OTs
Six Degrees Of Healthcare/Medical Separation: open group
Web 2.0 for healthcare: closed group

Negative side of facebook groups that have OT in their title
OT Blokes Who Love Hitting The Piss and Not Working Much: open group
OT Booze Cruise ’08: closed group
Yeah Bitch, I’m OT: open group

4 thoughts on “Occupational therapy groups on facebook

  1. Wow you have been busy! Im surprised and excited at the number of groups on Facebook. It’s good to see that so many people are recognising the benefits of connecting through this medium.

  2. May I suggest looking at ManyOne.net as a social netwroking platform more suited to professional development….because it supports professional level and academic publishing.I found you while doing some market analysis designed to support the premise that traditional social networks are really quite insufficient for more serious interest-centered social networking.I would honor your feedback. (cliff’at’manyone.net

  3. Hi Cliff, sorry I did not reply earlier, I was just tidying up my emails when I found your comment. I will take a look at ManyOne.net. The interesting thing is it’s certainly not my choice to be networking professionaly on Facebook as I hat mixing my personal and business sides, unless I am friends with those I am working with. This issue is certainly one that is getting more “air time” as facebook is now the number one social network site. Cheers, Anita.

  4. I think it's great occupational therapist, OT organizations, and colleges are creating facebook pages. Facebook is a way to reach an immense population quickly and easily. I think even if they weren't trying to they are prompting occupational therapy to younger and possible future OTs. I wish socila networking would have existed 15 years ago, maybe I would have went for OT first instead of going back for a secondary degree.

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