TechnOT: Using a computer is an Activity of Daily Living (ADL)

It’s refreshing to see that Verdonck and Ryan (2008) state that technology can be useful to improve both functional independence and occupational performance in every day OT practice by using mainstream technologies, including information and communication technologies such as the internet, computer software, portable devices and computer games, in their everyday interventions. This article ALSO used the CMOP to articulate how computer technology is impacting every aspect of our lives.
Another reason to get a copy of this article if you want a great glossary of terms for technology!

Verdonck, M. C., & Ryan, S. (2008). Mainstream technology as an occupational therapy tool: technophobe or technogeek? British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 71(6), 253-256.
TechnOT: Using a computer is an Activity of Daily Living (ADL)

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