HealthWrights and PROJIMO

Here’s a link to learn about HealthWrights a non-profit organization committed to advancing the health, basic rights, social equality, and self-determination of disadvantaged persons and groups. PROJIMO believes that health for all people is only possible in a global society where the guiding principles are sharing, mutual assistance, and respect for cultural and individual differences.

Nothing About Us, Without Us: Developing Innovative Technologies For, By and With Disabled Persons. By David Werner with the PROJIMO team and many friends.

This online book highlights work being done in Mexico with kids with disabilities and their parents and friends.

From the website: This is an “idea book” about problem solving – not a “cookbook” with precise instructions and measurements for making pre-designed aids and equipment. It is about thinking problems through rather than just following instructions. Nevertheless, you can use it as a reference book concerning different disabilities, assistive devices, and methods of problem solving. What a great resource! Click on this link to read the book.

Learn more about David Werner and PROJIMO: Click on this link to see a presentation given by David Werner at the 5th Anniversary Seminar of JANNET (can someone tell me what that stands for?). The presentation is looking at the work being done by PROJIMO with the people in Mexico assisting them to regain mobility and function so that they can participate in meaningful occupations. Some pictures and stories are quite graphic.
PROJIMO believes very much in what a disabled activist in Zimbabwe, Africa said:
“It is society that needs to be rehabilitated.”

5 thoughts on “HealthWrights and PROJIMO

  1. Hi Anita, I just wanted to leave a note to let you know that enjoyed reading your blog today. I’m new to blogging… taking a class and starting my own and trying to find other OT already doing this. I’m still an old fashioned emailer, but see the potential for us to communicate and share in a much easier fashion. I can’t wait to have some time to come back and read more. Thanks for your work. Cheryl Simmons

  2. Hi Cheryl, thanks for visiting AND for leaving a comment! I’d love to list your blog on mine if you want. I used to say I would never blog because I thought it was “cyber-karaoke”. Now I believe it is one of the most amazing tools for us to use for networking and growth of our profession! If we believe enough in what OT is about then I think we should share it! :-)Cheers, Anita.

  3. Anita, I agree, this is such a great tool! I have had so much fun this week looking for OT blogs. I am impressed by the number of OT students blogging and have really enjoyed reading their posts. I would love to put a link to TechnOT on my blog. If it is Ok with you. My blog is not really ready yet. Right now, I’m learning the technical part of setting it up. Basically, I have one entry and a picture (which is not centered correctly) But, I will get there soon and would love to share it then. I just watched your Youtube videos. Thanks for including them. How very cool it was to watch the “magic flute.” Thanks for sharing your great ideas. Cheryl

  4. Hi again Cheryl, where are you learning to Blog? I am trying to incorporate Web 2.0 tools like Blogs and wikis with my OT students here at the UofA. It didn’t really occur to the students that blogs could be used as a professional networking tool. One of the students called her blog Oh Tea! It was great. She especially enjoyed it when she received a post from Merrolee Penman in New Zealand! They have been pleasantly surprised by the connections they made in a short time. Please do link my blog to yours as I want to spread my networks too 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Anita, Thanks so much for letting me add your link. To answer your question, I am taking an online course from the University of Rhode Island called “Using Blogs and Wikis to Foster Literacy”. It is designed for educators as a continuing education requirement in the School of Education. So far it is excellent. The entire course is taught from the instructor’s Blog. The instructor is Dave Fontaine and he is an internet librarian. I think that is great that you are including it your curriculum for your OT students. I’m sure that we haven’t even imagined yet, how they will incorporate it into their practice and the profession. Thanks! Cheryl

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