Life in a virtual world

Ever thought about living completely in a virtual world? This book My Tiny Life: Crime and Passion in a Virtual World was referred to me by my colleague Susan Burwash and is available as a downloadable pdf file or you can buy it online.

Julian Dibbell’s My Tiny Life remains, to this day, the best book written about what it is like to live immersed in a virtual world. The fact that the world in question in text-based, and the events described happened over a decade ago, is completely irrelevant. You cannot call yourself knowledgeable about virtual worlds unless you have read this book.

OK… I’ll download it and read it!More on this later then.

2 thoughts on “Life in a virtual world

  1. Hi AnitaThanks for this link – I will certainly have a look at the book. I have been wondering for some time about the potential of using second life in our work as occupational therapists – do you have any experience of this – or any views on this?Our blog is a team blog of OT educators at Uni of Salford in the UK – if you think it useful you could add us to your blog roll?Good to “meet” you

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