Using YouTube as an education tool

I happened across this link today while surfing the net for other information… (as you do). This is another great example of how web 2.0 tools can be used to get new information out there and rapid interaction around the topic. It’s much faster than waiting to be published in a peer-reviewed journal and much easier than appealing to the mass media to run with a story.

Youtube is really changing what stories are being told and are also changing people’s tv viewing habits! Many reports are showing that people are watching YouTube instead of the TV… this is happening in my house… the other night we sat for over an hour with our two kids and watched YouTube clips… we found out all about what’s going on in their lives, what they think is important and worrying. With TV we don’t even get “hello” tv is just a one way street! YouTube is changing its services in response to this demand, see this link for details.

YouTube could tell our OT story better… who is doing it now and who wants to get involved???

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