AT+ICT+sharing knowledge=Enhanced OT

The link between Assistive Technology (ie: technology that enables the person to have a better fit with their environment) and ICT (information computer technology) means that OT (occupational therapy) can offer more options to people wanting increased independence, funtion or “connectivity” with the world. In this area OTs are overlapping with IT people, engineers, technolgy designers and so on… this is a growth area of specialty.

There are many students coming through OT education programs with highly developed skills and knowledge in ICT and can enhance OT’s knowledge in this area. Joan G. one of our first year Masters in OT students at the UofA has skills and experience in this area and sent me these links today:
Assistive Technology Wiki

Assitive Technology Blog

One thought on “AT+ICT+sharing knowledge=Enhanced OT

  1. I agree with using IT more within OT. as like you said the students coming through now have much more experience with ICT and we know the beneifts that the internet in particular can give. it can help the clients that we deal with, with small things such as shopping etc. like this blog!!

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