Using the Wii with older adults

Nintendo Wii is an off the shelf console game that requires players to simulate activities such as tennis, bowling and dancing. Players are usually standing (although not necessary) and they actively use their upper limbs to participate.

Players use vision, eye-hand coordination, grip strength, dexterity, planning and their previous knowledge the activity. Where this is being used in OT we are seeing increased motivation to participate as the Wii has games previously enjoyed but which now difficult due to limitations caused by arthritic conditions, neurological impairment or just general ageing. Players report that they also enjoy competing in a fun environment.

Are you using the Wii in your work setting? What population groups are you working with and what improvements are you noticing?

3 thoughts on “Using the Wii with older adults

  1. Hi AnitaI had a meeting with Kelly, Rachael and Genervieve the other day and we were talking about the use of Wii programs with older patients. They are apparently using teh Wii bowling program out at Grace McKeller here in Geelong. Hope all is going well. Regards, cate

  2. Hi Cate, yes our first year OT students introduced using the Wii firstly at one aged care facility and it’s quickly catching on. The really great thing is that these students took this idea from one of my lectures and made it happen in fieldwork. The other really great thing was that Stuart Palmer in ITL at Deakin who gave me the idea from an ABC show called Good Game! Lots of synergies!

  3. They are using the Nintendo Wii at the Glenrose Rehabilitation facility in Edmonton. See TechnOT related links to view an article about their work in this area.

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